Sunday, June 30, 2013

Borders and rhubarb

So far today, I've done what I love best, a little sewing , a little baking. My tea with rhubarb muffins at a friends on Friday reminded me of my own rhubarb patch. Yesterday, I picked a bunch, and after our leisurely breakfast over the weekend paper this morning ( I love the big Saturday crossword), I made rhubarb muffins and some stewed rhubarb.
Here is the blog post where I found the recipe.
It said to use either buttermilk or yogurt. I used half yogurt and half soured milk. I also eased up a bit on the sugar and didn't do the crumb topping, so instead added the cinnamon to the muffins batter. They are yummy!

We had them with a lentil salad for lunch. And guess what was in the homemade dressing? Stewed rhubarb.

I had time before lunch to get two of the black borders onto the quilt and I've just cut the last two. Do you cut yours this way following the centre measurement? My friend Sue taught me that. It helps to keep the quilt from becoming rippled as you add continuous borders. Sometimes you have to adjust a few seams and do a little easing but worth it. I managed to lose a tiny bit of just two star points. I'm not going to fuss about that.

Now I'm resting with my feet up before getting ready to go to the golf course with hubby. The sun has been peeking in and out finally although it is very humid. I will be sweating and trying not to complain as its been so cool here.


Glady said...

The rhubarb muffins look delicious. I might try those since there is still a little rhubarb growing in my garden - it's been so wet in Ohio. Your quilt looks great - love all the colours. I do follow the centre measurement for borders, but never thought about that with strips. Thanks for the tip!

Margaret Applin said...

The rhubarb everything sounds fantastic!!! Do I get an invitation to tea???