Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trip Around the World blocks

I thought I would be really bored recouperating from this surgery but not so! Grant it there are lots of things I can't do; there's nothing wrong with my legs or my left arm though and I've been finding lots to do as I feel better from the surgery. I've been needing to do some sorting in my storage areas. Who doesn't! Obviously not heavy stuff. I can, however, pull out smaller items to add to a giveaway box. It's getting full!I don't go at it all at once, just when I need to get up and move about.  I finished the book, The Improbability of Love; it's excellent! I also realized while sorting a few things in the studio that even though I can't do free motion work, I could likely do some regular piecing as one feeds with the left hand. I happened to have a box with some Trip Around the World blocks done, and all the rest of the strips are cut. I can strip piece easily.
Good thing I laid it out. I discovered a mixed up block. Can you spot it? I'll fix it later. ( since I posted, I found another block, lol. No wonder I'm into fiber art!) I plan to do 20 blocks for a 4 by 5 arrangement with borders. As I've gotten more and more into art Quilting and traditional Quilting, In recent years I've  really let myself get caught up in new things, thus resulting in too many UFO's. I must look at this time as an opportunity to organize and get some things done or to give them away. It's going to feel good.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


I'm writing a short post (left handed and slowly) to let you know that I'm here and recovering from my shoulder surgery. It'll be a week on Tuesday so I'm slowly coming around. For anyone having gone through any surgery involving a general, you'd know the drill,  wooziness, nausea, vomiting (maybe), pain, constipation and more.  I see the doctor after 2 weeks to remove the dressing and find out what's next. I was told I'd have to wear the sling for 6 weeks, yuk, and then no lifting or heavy work until 3 months with lots of physio. On the bright side, I can sleep in bed and I'm actually more comfortable there. Also, the doctor said she was very pleased with the surgery. I will do my best with my restrictions and physio. So, probably no sewing for a while. I should also be able to out for walks once I'm more stable and I figure out how to get my jacketed arm in a sling, lol. Ive been wearing pyjamas for a week! I also discovered a new show on Netflix, Paradise, about the beginnings of a department store in the 1870's.
I'm reading The Improbability of Love by Hannah Rothschild. I finished a book but can't find it and can't remember what it was, lol. This morning, I made one handed muffins! Blueberry banana.
Wherever you are I hope you're enjoying the day in your own way. My hubby has gone off for a ski. He needed to get out.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A domestic kind of day

After breakfast out with hubby and then groceries, I got a seafood stew made for supper. It's basically the same as starting a chowder except with a few different veggies and stewed tomatoes instead of milk. Paprika, turmeric and saffron are good herbs for this combo.
Then, I took the time to clean out the fridge a bit of leftovers and I made a red pepper hummus using chick peas I'd cooked this week.
Once that was done and my bed linens were in the wash, I headed to my sewing studio. I did a bit of a clean up and it cane to my attention how many pieces I have underway. 
I've got to make an effort after my shoulder recovery to finish up some things! Before my surgery, I really wanted to try out some stitching on the layered monoprint. I wasn't sure about it at first, but it's really growing on me. Kind of excited!
I'm using silk threads in different colors, green for the printed ferns and plum for the Queen Anne's lace. You can see in the following some lace as yet unstitched compared to the stitched one.
It better be a speedy recovery so I can get back to it soon! And here's my Ollie pic. I now understand the love of a grand parent. It is so different than as a mom. Oh so very special.

Friday, January 6, 2017

More Gelli printing

We've had beautiful winter days here recently (except for the snow day Wednesday) and I've been trying to get out and enjoy it before my shoulder surgery next week. At the same time I've beeen trying to get some of the I deas out of my head while as well as cleaning up my studio space a bit. Yesterday, I had my pre op tests and then I went snow shoeing with my snow shoe buddy who I haven't been out with for some time. Is it any wonder why I love birch groves so much? Sometimes the soft quality of the gray sky that is lightly lightly glowing with pastel is even prettier than a blue one.
When I've had time, I've been cutting strips and sewing them onto four monoprints.
It has changed even some since this photo. I've just packed it up for our guild UFO day tomorrow as I'd like to get it together before Tuesday. As if that wasn't enough I've squeezed in a little more Gelli printing. For some time, I've been thinking about trying out layering the prints as I do them onto one larger piece of cotton-- both the print and it's ghost print. It may seem like a no brainer for some but it really was a bit experimental for me.
I liked the one above the best. I took it a bit further by printing some green fern leaves on top.
I used natural light for the second photo but The colors are a little more intense in the pic than in reality. Maybe because of the lateness of the day. I'll have it up on my design wall while I recuperate so I can think about how to proceed. I'll probably use my usual black free motion outlining to start. I'd also like to incorporate more hand stitching than I've done of late. Maybe I'll be inspired to hand quilt the whole piece. I'll have lots of time to decide. I've saved the best for last. My new little grand son, Ollie. About 6 weeks.
Have a great weekend! I may not get back here for a couple weeks depending on recovery.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Sunlit snow, new fiber art

We were meant to be on our way home from PEI today but plans change. We spent New Years with my daughter, her partner and baby and we had a short visit with my son and fiancé who came over for the day.  
Hubby did get to spend some quality bonding time with a snuggling baby.
But then later back at the hotel, he started coming down with a cold. We decided to check out in the morning as we wouldn't visit baby again. I did, however, spend some time at my sister's pot luck held at her restaurant. It was fun seeing everyone and all the little ones. There were 4 nieces and nephews with their partners, plus their children, a sister in law, a sister, two brothers, along with spouses and my mother wither her husband. Lots of family on the island. My mom was pretty taken with baby Ollie. She held him for some time; he seemed to calm her.
We live about 4 hours away so we'll have lots more visits. I didn't feel too badly this morning when I  arose to a beautiful winter day. day. My day has been all about balance. Hmm, I'm still searching for a word of the year, I must add that to the list.  I made banana cranberry muffins and cleaned out one drawer while they baked. Simplify is another word I think about as I clean.
Then I went for a snowshoe where I fed a few chickadees and took in the views and clear air. I love the patterns that bare branches make against the snow.
After a leisurely lunch, I took my tea into my sewing room and spent some time pulling out batiks to match some of the gelli prints I did the other day. One of my favourite things to do!
I've loosely arranged them on my wall in no real order. I'd like to get them mostly together before my surgery a week from today.
It will give me something to look at and think about during my recovery.
I think it will involve my usual black free motion outlining and then perhaps some hand stitching and embellishing. I've got some luscious fibers that I'm itching to use.
All in all it's been a good start to the new year despite coming home early. And by the way, hubby is not too sick either. It's a mild cold.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Gelli printing

Yesterday after putting away the tree and the Santas, and getting out snow shoeing, I got the thought that I'd like to do a little journal work to relax. Well, I brought out my 'art cart' and rooted out the Gelli. Then I decided I might as well print on some fabric. I got a few journal pages done by cleaning off the brayer.
Maybe it was the beauty of the day along with the pressure of a date for my shoulder surgery less than two weeks away that got me going.     I couldn't resist doing a few prints with the ferns and Queen Anne's lace that I picked last summer.  
The ghost prints are pretty too.
I wanted to try a couple using some of my new thermofax screens and feather motifs.
The journal pages are pretty good too. Surprising, as I simply wiped paint on or brayered the paint onto journal pages to clean it. This page was done by tearing and collaging the deli paper that I used to clean off the Gelli onto a small journal page.
In my larger  journal I did a few pages by applying  the brayer with the leftover paint.
In the mail today, I got two more thermofax screens using the same designs I already had done but this time larger.
I had to stop and clean everything up. We're getting ready to leave for Prince Edward Island tomorrow to spend the New Years with our new grandson. He was 1 month old yesterday.
I'll wish you a Happy New Years now. See you back here next week.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Snow shoeing and stitching

I must be starting to sound repetitive talking about getting out snow shoeing. Truthfully, the thrill of being able to get back out there has not yet worn off after my past year of being stuck on the sofa while waiting for the hip replacement. This morning I organized my fridge and its freezer and packaged up a few things to add to the freezer. Ham and some sweets that I need put further out of my reach! Then, late morning we got ready and went snow shoeing this time going down into the woods and the more hilly terrain. So far I've been staying on the level trails. I'm still pretty slow and have to stop often to calm the burning muscles but I made it. Just over an hour. It's been a couple of years since I've seen these woods.
The little stream is not yet frozen over.
After lunch, I stretched out with tea, the heating pad, and my afghan while I stitched in the ends on some projects. I finished another little hat for baby Ollie.
Pattern by Purl Soho, grate ear flap hat.
I'm counting the days and hoping the weather is good for our drive to PEI to visit our new little grandson. Once warmed enough, I headed to the sewing studio for a little stitch play. I did the black stitching and the Quilting on this mug rug.
I did some black free motion stitching on the mono printed feathers. I'm still xperimenting, not quite sure exactly how I want to proceed with these pieces.
I'm not sure if the black stitching adds or detracts from the printed lines. I'll have to spend some time thinking and experimenting.