Thursday, November 20, 2014

Microwave pot holders, a small watercolor

Have you seen the microwave pot holders circling the net recently? A few members of our guild have been sewing these at our Saturday sewing days.

I thought they might be useful but wasn't sure until my friend Alice said she was making a set for someone who wanted to use them to take to the table. I can see how I might use it when I take my dinner to the TV room! The ones I made fit my flattened bowls perfectly.

For most of the day I've been puttering- washing, finishing up odds and ends like the bowls, and  repairing clothing. It's a cold grey day. I admit that I stayed a little longer in my PJ's today while I sipped tea and worked at the crossword.
Still, I give myself a little creative time. I picked up the photos of a few scenes that interest me, yesterday and I started transferring one to a watercolor pad and I've laid in a pale wash for the water and sky.
It's truly an experiment for me because I have it in mind as a little gift for someone. Generally, I only do watercolors in my sketchbook as references for fabric art--never for framing on their own. I get too picky and tense with watercolors, but not so usually with my fiber art. Isn't that odd?

I got a few pictures of a little nuthatch that has been frequenting the suet cage on our deck. They are so sweet.
Happy Thursday! Tomorrow I plan to swim, go to lunch, and get a few errands done.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I felt a little bereft this afternoon without my Birches and Rose Hips fiber art piece to work on. I have passed it on to the buyer, a friend, who is going to check out the framing options. It will be coming back to me for the final finish.
It's a rather mild day, although windy and I just couldn't work up the energy to go out and clear off the bit of snow on the driveway. I did at least do the front steps.
After lunch with my tea, I read for a bit but my mind kept straying to my most recent photos. I moved to my computer in my studio and did a preliminary sketch of the hillside that fascinated me.
There are lots of nooks and crannies in the rocks to loose one's way in. I would likely simplify if I were to do it fiber.
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Last details-Birches with Rose Hips, Photos as in Inspiration

This afternoon, I was very happy to put the finishing quilting stitches onto the Birches with Rose Hips. I am going to pass it on to the client who is looking into framing options. Usually, I finish my pieces as quilted wall hangings with a binding. This piece is going on a wall over a sofa and since it is approximately 12" by 14", I think a mat and a frame would give it more presence.

I'm thinking that sections of it would make pretty cards- with permission of course.

Caught this little lady hanging on the suet cage on my deck at lunch time. It's a downy woodpecker.

Now the question is what shall I do next? Well, I have a couple of Christmas things in the works, some ideas floating around in my head, and some inspirational photos that I took the other day. These scenes are about 5 minutes from my house by car.

 like the hillside sloping into the water in the next one.

Love the pinkish hue in the background sky.

I have sent a few to be developed in 5 by 7 and 8 by 10 sizes. I like to have them for reference when I am stitching.
I hope you too are having a nice Monday.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cleaning my studio and quilting

Finally, I awakened to a beautiful sunny day today! I got my sheets on the line and went out to the yard to do a few more clean up chores for the winter. We still have a layer of snow and the air is crispy. I also took my poles and went for a 30 minute walk with no stabs of pain to my hip. Definitely an improvement from the cortisone shot.
In my studio I cleared away the detritus from my present project and got some things ready to take to our guild sewing day on Saturday.
I saved some time to start quilting the Birches with Rose hips. I'm going to keep it simple. The bottom is done and I plan to outline the foreground trees.
I am almost finished this piece. The final binding or zig zag edging will wait as it is SOLD! and I am waiting to see how the buyer wants to hang it.

My usual method is a binding and a hanger on the back. This one may be mounted in a frame atop a mat but with no glass.
Well, the sun has lowered toward the western horizon. I have lost the lovely rays that were shining through the window of my studio. It is time to go make myself a cup of tea and sit for a bit with my knitting.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Birches ready for the batting and quilting

I have spent a quiet day in domestic pursuits while listening to the various radio programs with coverage of Remembrance Day ceremonies. I cleaned a bit, made 3 chicken noodle casseroles for the freezer, and started my healthy version of macaroni and cheese for supper--whole grain noodles, squash added to the cheesy white sauce, low fat cheese, and perhaps the addition of bok choy when I put together.

While things were cooking, I worked on these slippers that I'm making.

Once the bootee part is finished, there is a cable section that will get sewn onto the top, wrapping around the ankle. There are many versions and free patterns to be found on line if you google Drops Design slippers. I'm using this one called Little Red Riding Slippers.
In my studio this afternoon, I finished ( I think) the thread painting on the birches.
I've added the batting and a white cotton backing and now I have to decide exactly how much I will quilt.
Perhaps the foreground trees and the foreground rose hips. I'll get started another day and we'll see.

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I'm also adding a link to the Sew Sisters Quilt shop for Blogathon Canada. It's always fun to find more Canadian bloggers!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Stitch by stitch

Can you see the difference? I can see the difference another hour or so makes. I bet you can't! And you're probably getting tired about seeing this but it's all about the process for me. In between making muffins and lunch and visiting, I've managed an hour or so of cutting and stitching.
I've stitched down most of the leaves and the berries.
And I've started to add highlights to the berries.
Still more to be done but mostly thread work. I think I'm done adding fabric.

 When I'm in the middle of it this is what my studio looks like.
It's really not very messy. I tend to clean up as I go.
Here's another view through the window as I sit at my machine.
You can just spy a few goldfinches on the feeder.
I'm sharing one more picture of yesterday's bluejay. He looks quite indignant here I think.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Free motion rosehips branches

Yesterday, and into the night, another snowy nor'easter  blew through our region. A snowstorm at this time of year is not unusual but it usually melts quickly. A second within a week is more unusual.
As th3e sun moved into the sky we saw this sparkly view through the dining room window.
I admit I am not ready to let go of fall. I always enjoy the slow transition from the riotously bright leaves of early fall to the more subtle and varied grey and beige colors after the leaves have fallen. I love too the soft pinks hues that the landscapes and sky take on as fall deepens into winter.
So I was a bit begrudging of this morning's beauty at first but then accepting that I really have to practice living in the moment, I had to put aside thoughts of fall and stop to admire this typically wintry vista..
It wasn't long before the wind and sun cleaned the branches.

I caught this bluejay at the feeder and heated bird bath at midday. Even if a bit raucous and bullying, one must appreciate their beauty.


This afternoon, I spent a couple more hours in my sewing studio reworking (again) my plans on the rose-hips. It's really very good that I spend only an hour or two each day. IA piece needs to rest and be viewed with fresh eyes. Even away from a piece, I will think about it and make changes and decisions in my mind.
And so I returned to the birches today with the idea that I would use thread painting for the rose hip branches. Last night it struck me that the fabric pieces for the branches seemed too large and cutting them thinner not so easy.
I did some preliminary stitching with burgundy and red to locate some branches. Then I've started to lay on some leaves and berries.
The next step will be to stitch down the leaves which are pinned on at the moment. I'll add more branches atop them and add shadows, highlights, etc to the berries.

I so wish I could purchase thread in the weights and colors that I need nearby. Sadly, even when I travel to a couple of other NB cities later this month, I will not find what I want. I shall have to make do with what I have and look into ordering some.

I'm off now to start the dough for homemade pizza.