Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Little Projects

in the last couple of weeks because of the bronchitis, I've been spending little time in my studio, choosing instead to rest for a good part of the afternoon after doing a few odd chores in the morning. Just when I think I'm feeling better, I will start to get very raspy and wheezy with a bad cough later in the day. So, I'm looking after myself; I finally got to watch the movie, The Shape of Water, which I enjoyed while knitting along. 
Even though today is cold, dreary and wet,  and I truly wanted to stay inside, I headed out this morning to do a few errands  since I'll be back in hospital next week for the IVIg treatments.  I've assigned a couple to do each day.

Inside my studio after lunch, I finally finished up the bit of stitching on the appliqué 12" by 12" Columbine piece.  I've added the batting but I'm not quite sure how to quilt it. I do know that I want to add some hand stitching so maybe it doesn't need much quilting.

The lilac just outside my window is budding but not likely to do much on such a cold day. When I drove by a couple of the garden centres, they were closed and some of the flowers and shrubs were covered. It was only 4C!

I'm limiting my free motion time right now due to the bronchitis and upper back pain associated with it. It's a good time to putt around a bit and finish up a few little projects as well as plan a future one.

I'm auditioning some possible fabrics for Jerome the Gnome purchased from MarvelesArtStudios. Not usually one to do someone else pattern, I have a fondness for gnomes and couldn't resist. I've also followed Leslie for a long time and I love her work.

 These are some possible fabrics for the gnome hat and robe. I'm still looking. The one on the right is a dark green velvet which I could distress for the look I want, maybe.

I've had this piece of selvedge edge pieced fabric lying over my sewing machine for ages. I trimmed it today and cut the side pieces which I'll stitch insert for a proper fitted cover. It's especially important, I think, since the machine sits in a sunny window.

I'm going to go pour myself a cup of tea and sit until I must put supper in the oven.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Small creativities

Over the past weekend, we visited our grandson, Ollie, and family. We took Ollie out for a few hours - swimming at the pool, to the market, Wendy’s for lunch and then the park.

I picked up a second. Orchid pot. The orchid in last years pit is happily blooming again.

A little watercolor sketch. I’m taking it easy. We had to leave a bit earlier as what I thought was an allergy cough turned into a fever and full blown bronchitis, again, 3rd time this year. I saw the doctor Monday, and again today. Today, she gave me an antibiotic and increased my cortisone again. 
So for now, I’m resting again, doing unchallenging physical activies. 

This is the baby quilt finished last week. It was sent off with the machine quilter yesterday.

I’ve put up a few quarter log cabin blocks up on the design wall and pulled out the scrap bin. It is no brainer work and I can do a few when I’m up to it. I liked one I saw on Pinterest that had self sashing blocks matching the set in squares which I think I’ll do.ill have to purchase a plain color.

The shawl slowly grows. Another easy relaxing activity.

Now, I need to recuperate and wait for some warm sun and gardening to get my strength back.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Week of treatments and some decolorant paste testing

I finally got the call for the IVIg (intravenous immunoglobulin) treatments at the hospital. This is my view for the week. It is a treatment that has been successful in improving Small Fiber Neuropathy which for me includes numbness, tingling, burning, and rapid heart rate. At night even the softest pjs feel picky and painful against my skin and I often have restless legs and feel as though bugs are biting me. I’m optimistic.

I’m here for 6hrs a day, Monday to Friday and by the time I get home the day is nearly done. You wouldn’t think laying around all day would tire one out so much. They give Tylenol and benedryl as part of the protocol too though and it knocks me out.
I will be doing this one week out of every month for a few months and then maybe less depending on how it goes.

While my supper is warming (I’ve lots of leftovers from the weekend) I’ve been trying a few samples of monoprinting using a decolorant paste with some dried flora gathered last fall. I want to do try a few more small pieces. The one on the right came out pretty well; the others not so much.


I added green paint to the decolorant on the blue and green fabric and it didn’t work as well. I don’t have anything specific in mind to do with these. They’re small pieces for experimentation, something to occupy my mind and creative need this week when there’s not much energy or time. They will be added to my print box, perhaps with a few more tonight, to be used in future projects.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A piece for SAQA

This morning, I sat in my studio watching the first half of a movie on Netflix (The Imitation Game - an excellent movie)  while I finished stitching the binding on my 12” by 12” donation piece for the SAQA fall auction. 

Yesterday, I watched the movie Colette - also an excellent movie - while doing the flowered embroidery and the beads.

I think it might be what I enjoyed the most. It’s very relaxing.

A little project that I did on earth day was a small produce bag cut from recycled lace valance found at the 2nd hand store. I simply cut the peaked edges off the bottom, folded and stitched a side and the bottom. The drawstring which I ran through the holes already there for the rod, came from an old pair of pjs. Do you pull those things out before passing them to the rag bag?

I have enough from the one small valance for 2 more bags. Cost $2.00.

It’s a cold, half rainy and half snowy day here today but at least the snow is going and there are patches of garden showing. My tulips near the foundation on the sunny side of the house are just peeping out of the soil  and I managed to plant more bulbs earlier this week. I temporarily can smell (I do t have smell most of the time) due to the extra doses of cortisone that I needed for my chest colds. A silver lining as I could smell the earth when I planted. 

It is a hopeful time .

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Collage Layers on a Gelli print

For days it’s been wet, cold and windy without much change predicted for the weekend. There could be lots of flooding around the province  with all the snow melt, rain and ice jams in the rivers. It turned into a lovely sunny day today though. This morning, I was in the studio for about an hour before going out for lunch. I did a couple errrands and came home to play a bit more. The sun was calling to me so I went for a short walk.
I’m working on a 12” square Gelli print block. So far, I’ve free motion stitched it and started to cut out some fused bits to layer on top. In this version I laid thin strips along part of a joined edge as my Gelli prints are not 12” wide.

 I have never been able to insert videos with this APP that I write my blog with. I’ve tried adding a link below for a little video that I just did. It was easy to post on ainstagram and fb. It’s complicated here. 

In this one you can see the joined edge.

Once I get all the bits cut, ironed on and stitched, I’ll add the batting and quilt it. I enjoy these ad lib pieces.

On my design wall, there is a baby quilt in progress. My husband’s niece is expecting s little girl in July.i will take this to UFO day Saturday where I should get most of it done. I need 3 more blocks. Also, I want to change the 2 darker berry coloured squares as I find them a little dark.

As a fiber artist, I don’t generally do patterns from other artists. One artist that I’ve followed for years is Leslie from MarvelesArtStudios.com,  and recently she has been creating some really sweet collages patterns. She also does workshops. I couldn’t resist this one with the gnome. Isn’t it cute?

I’ll be gathering some of the fabrics when I travel, especially the fake fur. In the meantime, I’ve raided my stash and started cutting some flowers.

It’s kind of relaxing to put something on to watch and do the cutting. 

I’m linking to the Needle and Thread Network.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Emerging from the funk, fabric painting

Yesterday, I had an out of town doctor’s appointment, and today was the first day this week that I could do some creative work. This morning for the first time in weeks, I awakened feeling rested and ready to resume normal activities. I went to the pool for my lap swim and watersize. It felt so good and the energy lasted for the afternoon! 
This is what I’ve been doing a lot of lately so it felt good to finally feel inspired.

There’s a small project that I’ve been wanting to do and I felt up to it after lunch. I got out my paints and had a go at printing and painting some fabrics.
These are the best 2 I think.

They will need a bit more layering of textures.

If I’m satisfied, I’ll add some appliqué and stitch. These are about 12” each.

In the meantime, my chickadee piece is languishing on the coffee table, neeeding only a few stitches to finish it up.

I’ll be so glad to put the binding on this!

I have a commission for another one since I decided I’d like to keep this one.
 With pencil, I lightly sketched some of my chickadee pics onto a white cotton fabric. I will add color with paint to each one before adding stabilizer and thread painting them. 

If I do a few at a time, I’ll have them for future projects.

I’m writing this with my tea, taking a short break before I’ll get up to put a couple salmon steaks in the oven to bake - some leftover rice, and fresh steamed broccoli will round out the delicious but simple meal. My favourite.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Holding onto spring, some Gelli print collage

I’m writing a second post in a week which isn’t easy when weather and health are conspiring against the mood. I  decided this morning in the face of another snow storm, (schools are cancelled here today) that I would need to stay positive and not do anymore whining about winter. You wouldn’t blame me though, would you? I picked up a few groceries early and felt I deserved these.

To top it off, the cold that I’d thought I’d beat with natural methods turned into the second chest infection of the year and I had to visit the clinic where I picked up another antibiotic. How I dislike taking them but with asthma and a compromised lung function, it was necessary. 

At least I’m feeling better today, and so, I headed to my studio this afternoon. Some days one needs a little easy creativity to relax. I pulled out some Gelli prints and started slicing. The cardboard first initial of my name was a birthday gift from a friend.

Going through the print box got me thinking about a few others.

I’m playing. Cutting and thinking about what if’s. Maybe it’ll go back into the box. It was a good diversion on such a day.

Maybe it should have a bird’s nest instead of flowers.
I’m hoping this midweek finds you healthy and content. If not, perhaps some soft music, some flowers and a wee bit of creativity would help.