Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sketching and Gelli printing

This morning, as I do every Wednesday, I went to the spa for my lap swim and sauna. It is a saltwater pool and kept quite warm so its very soothing.
The sun has finally been shining this last couple of days, so I took a little walk around the yard to examine all my plants. The lilacs and apple blossoms are just out. I snipped a piece from the apple tree to use as a model for sketching while I had lunch.

Next I took my tea to the computer and went looking for a photo I had taken of a goldfinch sitting atop a cluster of blossoms. I copied it onto tracing paper and then drew the outline on white paper. This I cut out to use as a mask in my printing.

Here is one of the pieces I did. I got four or five prints before the paper tore while trying to lift it off the Gelli. Some that are not quite as intricate will last longer.

The next step would be maybe more layering, painting the bird and then stitching. First I have to finish the piece I'm working on!


elle said...

I learn a lot visiting you. I never had heard of a salt water pool. This will be a lovely piece when you get it done.

Margaret Applin said...

Beautiful sketches, Holly!!! Feel better soon!