Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I got my household chores out of the way this morning as I often like to do and even had time for a visit with friends at the local coffee shop.
After lunch, I knew my goldfinch was waiting for borders and I was anxious to get to it. I do believe that piecing random borders made up from an assortment of fabrics and painted fabrics is my favorite thing to do. I pulled out some solids, some silk, and some of my screen and Gelli printed pieces and started cutting.
I get so absorbed in this process. Here I took a picture once I was almost finished and had started to clean up. I should have gotten one amidst the process, but of course I was too absorbed.

I managed to get the last piece on just in time for snack break. I do enjoy my tea and knitting time too!
The plain greens are silk. I'm trying to decide if the green stamped fabric on the bottom is too dark. I think it's OK but will revisit tomorrow.
Also, I managed to melt the Angelina fibre that I applied to the circle on the left. I'll have to redo that.

This is the back of a baby sweater I've just started. It's a lovely cotton yarn that was gifted to me by a friend who was cleaning house. Lucky me!

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Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Your goldfinch is really shaping up very nicely! I love the inner pink border - it is the perfect complement!

Threadpainter said...

Quite a lovely little bird ! Great finish !

elle said...

I like to work that way myself so I'm asking myself why I don't do it more. I'm going to change that. I do like the circles around the bird, too!

Susan J Barker said...

I think that pink works to bring out the yellow of the bird - must be what they call instinctual selection! Lookin mighty fine...