Monday, June 17, 2013


I've been having a quiet Monday; did some housework and went for a walk. It's a bit gloomy out but it wasn't raining.
Then, I wanted to get the binding on my garden hanging so I could take it to the shop with me on Wednesday. I did take some better pictures with my good camera but for this post I used the I Pad.

I puttered about a bit in the studio choosing fabrics to border my goldfinch with so i can get to the quilting. I'm waiting for the paint to dry on one of the fabrics so I'll get to that later.
I've got tea steeping as I write this. I'm going to go make a cup and sit with my knitting. I've just started a baby sweather which I'll post once o get going on it.
I hope your having a good Monday too!


elle said...

gosh, you are sure multi tasking! lol

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

sounds so nice and relaxing Holly. I love your piece. Today here is sunny at warm...I piled some hardwood on the trailer,dumped it and piled it....loaded the second load and parked it at the wood shed....was too warm. maybe I do enjoy working outside.

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Oh my gosh, Marjorie! We had a little day trip yesterday to Alma and on the drive back ( I had mentioned you lived in the area) as we passed a house near Hopewell Rocks, we saw someone loading wood and my husband said, there’s your Blog friend! I just bet it was you!! Next time we will stop and say hello!