Friday, June 28, 2013


I went for a walk along the NB Trail in between showers last night. It was too cold for the flies at least. I found this tiny pink flower all along the edges of the woods. Funny that I've not seen it before in all my years of walking there.
I did a little sketch of one when I got home even as the delicate bell shapes were closing.

Today, my son left early this morning. It wasn't a great week for outdoorsy endeavours but it was nice to see him. I've just come in from errands and just finished slicing up zucchini for zucchini chips. I found the recipe here.
I used a mandolin for slicing thinly so I'm hoping they'll be done before I have to go back out in two hours. The baked tofu looks good too and I just happen to have some. I might have to try that later.


Gill said...

Fabulous Holly!
I don't know this flower at all - off to google it!

nhager said...

Around here we have always called the flowers Coral Bells. I am not sure if it correct but it is descriptive. I love seeing your artwork. You are so talented.