Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sand and seaweed

The sand in my blog title is actually referring to the sanding that I've been doing to a coffee table. While the men in the family just don't get why I'd want to paint a perfectly good wood table, I really felt the need for some colour.
It's a solid wood Roxton table but the orangey stain as well as the style itself was outdated. I'm not about to spend money on a press wood version found in stores these days, so why not paint? The walls in my kitchen/dining area are a mossy green colour and I bought paint to match that since it can be seen from the living room. It has always been one of my 'go to' colours.

It is now ready to be wiped off and carried, with the help of hubby, inside, where I will do the painting.

The same friend who commissioned the shore birds watercolours suggested I might like to give seaweed a try. Since my in laws live on the beach, we spend a lot of time there so it interested me. Yesterday, I walked along the shore and gathered a few specimens.
These are my experiments so far, just the first layers. They are not as easy to paint as one might think.

That's my day so far. I'm resting my leg which has been giving me some pain. I've got a physio appointment scheduled for an assessment next Monday. It does bother me not to be able to get some exercise but as my friend Wendy says, "it is what it is". I'll take my usual walk time and go work on the borders of my quilt.
Think I'll make a cup of tea.


beth said...

Looking forward to seeing your green table! My favorite color. ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you...I would redo also...and..do you know what would look beautiful Holly... put one of your paintings after you do the stain to make it unique and your own.. you are such a beautiful artist Holly, a couple of your flower patterns would make it soooo you!!!

Susan Glazier said...

I'm not really anonymous Holly, I just didn't know how to get through and publish... Susan G

elle said...

I can't wait for the reveals! :)

sherry said...

looking forward to seeing your table finished

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I think it will look fantastic painted green....modern!