Saturday, July 6, 2013

Too hot to sew

We've been having our version of a heat wave here this week. Temperatures have been in the low 30 Celsius with 'feels like' hotter temps. I'm pretty useless.
Yesterday Gord and I went kayaking. Today, he wasn't feeling well, so I went out myself for the afternoon. I had supper with the in laws.
I'd hoped to have some pics but the cord for the little camera has gone missing. Husband is blaming me and I'm blaming him, ha!
I came home and sat for a while in the basement watching some of the news on the flight from Korea that crash landed in LA. Tragic and scary for us as our daughter has flown in on that flight from Seoul and will be again at Christmas.
I needed to do something quiet that required focus to ignore the heat before I get my bath for the night so I had another go at the campanula.

It's heading toward dusk so it's not the best picture. I had to put on a light and it was hard to avoid shadows.

That's my bit of creative time for today. I'm going to draw more of these as they are just in bloom now.
I'm pondering how to translate them into fiber art and whether a stencil would work. I think I could make individual stamps using fun foam of different shape blooms to add to a stalk. More study is needed!

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elle said...

I heard about the plane but I was thinking of the train derailment. What a sound and sight to awake to! Interesting times.