Monday, July 8, 2013

My favourite summer spot to relax

If its not too hot as it was this past weekend, this is my favourite spot to relax. I can put up the umbrella for shade and at night when the sun gets low, it's often a cool spot to sit and swing.

I have a good view of the apple tree and my birdbath where there are often lots of birds. And I love the soft trickling water sound from my little fountain.

I like to sit with the telephoto lens on my camera and watch.
If its too warm out on the deck, I can hear the fountain from my table or from the living room.
It was very relaxing as background while I sat and ate my lunch today and while I sat and sketched. I had noticed this chicory growing on the side of the road on my way home this morning and just had to pick a small piece.
I used Prismacolor watercolour pencils, Koi watercolours and black permanent pen.

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elle said...

Lovely spot. I've been on the watch for a perfect little fountain.