Sunday, July 14, 2013

Backyard bouquet

What a weekend of weather this has been! It's a little too hot for me, but I've managed to stay cool, keeping the house closed up. I do have the air conditioning in the bedroom at night.
I managed a few holes of golf with my husband late yesterday, and then we went for a dip at the beach. He went out today but it was much too hot for me. I went to his parents place at the beach where he joined me and we went in the water again. The tide was low over the sandbars, so the water was very warm.
I had a bout of restless leg syndrome in the night and woke late and headachy this morning. Once I'd eaten and tended to my flowers outside. I picked a little bouquet to sketch.

I used colored pencils with a bit of watercolor wash here and there in a cheap sketchbook. Sometimes, i like using it as opposed to my good watercolor paper ones. It takes the pressure off; it doesn't matter how it turns out, one can just turn the page. Also, I find it very relaxing to sit and sketch when I'm groggy and headachy. It takes concentration but it's a relaxed concentration. After a bit, I notice that I feel better and the headache is waning.
Gord is going to barbecue veggie burgers for supper which we will take to the rec room in the basement to eat and watch some golf.

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elle said...

You do make delightful bouquets. Hot here and we did some garden work but did barbecue as well. Happy Sunday and hope you have a better night! :)