Monday, July 22, 2013

Painting and stitching

This morning I met friends for coffee ( I drink tea) and when I got home, I sat down with the seaweed studies that I started a couple of weeks ago. My friend who bought the shore birds watercolours would like seaweed to go with them.

I've added more color and deeper shading and I'm now happier with them. Just a few more details and I'll be done.
Then, after my lunch I worked on putting my wonky blocks together into an approximate square. I've ended up with blue in both blocks on the top, but can't really change it as then there would be too much plum on one side. Is it worth doing another block to replace it? Maybe not.

Actually, as I've just looked at the picture, I've got an idea. It would involve removing a couple of border strips and adding blue to make it more balanced.
Next I shall measure my pillow form and see what kind of border I need.
Just before sitting to write this, I puréed up the avocado sauce for this recipe for creamy avocado sauce and zucchini pasta. I didn't have a cucumber in the house and improvised using a green apple instead.

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