Thursday, July 18, 2013

Going wonky

I put the last coat of paint on my coffee table this morning. I'm so excited to add some color to my room! So excited, in fact, that I decided I need more! I love the work by artist and quilter Melody Johnson who just happened to post a tutorial a short time ago that is just what I needed. In fact if you check out her post today, you'll see that someone else couldn't resist it either.
I love the freedom of the process, just the fabric and the rotary cutter.
I'm using a mix of solids and the remains of some of my hand dyes. I've seen some great sources for hand dyes on the web, by the way, which I would love to purchase, but they are American, and the postage is cost prohibitive.
Does anyone know of a Canadian dyer? I dyed these fabrics myself but I would love to purchase some too.
So far, I have two blocks done. I stopped to eat lunch and make up some veggie kebabs for the barbecue for supper.
Yesterday, while watering some of my plants, I took time to snap a few pics of the clematis on my apple tree. It may be fodder for future work.
Also, yesterday, I got some photos of the hummingbird at my kitchen window feeder. I've not been lucky enough to get one mid flight or hovering yet. When the weather cools enough to sit quietly on my deck, sometimes I can get them with the zoom lens. I've only been out once and they were shy to come near.


elle said...

Hy,Holly. Nice clematis. I put mine on a lilac and it is not working. I shoulda picked a bigger tree trunk. I must go check out Melodyas I follow then she switches to knitting and I don't follow. I, too, like her colour style. Your blocks are great. Cost is a consideration so I'm gonna do my own. :O

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh I am liking what I see with those blocks...have to go look.I have no luck with clematis..hte that I can't grow them..My son place has 2 beautiful ones!!!

Maureen said...

Like your blocks Holly and the clematis.

Margaret Applin said...

Wow! Still soooo beautiful!! I think I would be stuck at your window all day!!!