Friday, July 12, 2013

A test of the stamps

Once my collaged piece of deli paper dried in my sketchbook, I added some white stamped bells. The white acrylic paint does not have the best opacity but it gives me the idea. I like them and may cut a few more for variety.

On my walk yesterday, I found another little blossom that I'm unfamiliar with. I didn't have time for a sketch of it and I think it'll be wilted by tomorrow. I'm going off for the day to Moncton with friends today. Hoping to return with fabric and art supplies!
I can't seem to find this little branch i picked on my walk yesterday in my reference books. It seems to be a small shrub. Any ideas? As the season progresses, if it develops berries, I may figure it out. I'm on a quest to draw and identify as many wild species as I can this summer.

Also, I've finally signed up for an e course with Alisa Burke. The timing and price is finally right for me. I'm excited. I love her work!


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Oh very pretty Holly

rtquilter said...

Very pretty, Holly. The new flower is Dogbane. Not sure of its botanical name but Dogbane is the common name. I like it too and painted it years ago - watercolour.