Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tea and cookies and my pillow top

I've just sat down for a cup of tea and decided to write a little earlier than usual. I just finished making these cookies that I came across on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to try one and of course needed a cup of tea to go with. There is no sugar or sweetener in them other than banana and applesauce, and no flour, just the oatmeal.

They are soft and chewy and remind me of the unbaked 'frogs' I used to make but are much healthier. I think coconut would be a good addition though.
Yesterday, I added the last borders onto my pillow top. I've cut the batting and a thin backing and hope to start machine quilting it this afternoon.

I really love using this improvised method demonstrated here by Melody Johnson.
I learned a few things and I'm glad I started with something small.

1. It's good to start with a quick sketch to get an idea of where you're going. (I didn't)
2. It's a good idea to limit the number of color choices. (I did try to do that.)
3. Make sure you have enough fabric to carry all the way through the blocks and the finish so there is some cohesiveness. (I also tried to do this.)

This morning I took a little time to throw some paint at my sketchbook! I was a bit behind in the daily prompts from the Summer Sketch on line course I'm doing with Alicia Burke.
I started per the instructions with a couple of pages of paint splats.

I left it to dry and then I started examining it for shapes just like we sometimes do with clouds. Eventually, I found a tulip in one and woods and water in the second one. Kind of fun! At least I didn't see anything sinister like one might in the Rorschach ink splats!
Hard to go wrong with such pretty colors!

Now, I'm finishing up my tea and heading to the sewing machine for some free motion quilting.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

cookie looks good!! As I am having me tea right Can;t wait to see your finished pillow and the paint throwing is really interesting.

Monica said...

Love these peeks into your sketchbook!
Thanks so much for your lovely notes, and glad you are having fun with organza flowers! :)
Any color is beautiful in my opinion, it depends on what you're going to use them for, of course!