Saturday, July 20, 2013


It is hot and very muggy today. Air quality warnings have been given. I picked up a few groceries early and then decided to try one of the first exercises in the Summer Sketch course I've just currently started with Alicia Burke. I ventured outside long enough to pick a bit of plant materials for the alternative tools lesson. Then I sat at the table with the fan on me and gave it a go.

It was messy, but fun!
Once it dried, I added a bit of watercolor here and there.

We're going to have a quick lunch, and I'm hoping to escape to the beach for a while this afternoon. Cooler air is predicted to move in later today, none to soon for me!


elle said...

oh! I like it, Holly. I like the black sketchyness and the bits of filled in colour. I have saved a google image from a year or so ago that is kinda like this. It had some bits of red and yellow as well.

pembrokeshire lass said...

Golly me! I could never make a doodle end up looking other than a doodle. Joan!