Monday, July 15, 2013


I'm not sure I remember having a day this hot! The car thermometer was reading 42C when I was out for my doctor's appointment. I've kept the house closed up and although it's uncomfortable, it is cooler than the outside temperature, close to 28C, I think.
It's too hot for sewing or doing almost anything. I put the fan on and sat for a bit with my paints and a piece of seaweed. It is deceptively tricky to paint. I find it more difficult than flowers. The shapes and colors seem so easy but it's quite difficult to get the nuances and layering right so that it looks realistic.

I've set it aside to dry and come down to the basement to read once I'm done writing this post.
I must pick up my husband from work; we'll have leftovers for supper and possibly head out to the beach.
This is the channel that we paddle through from the lagoon side to the bay. My husband's parents live on a spit of land that runs in between. Thus, they have water in front and back of their place.

Lately, I've been enjoying watching and listening to all the backyard birds although it is too hot to have any windows open or venture out today. I took these while sitting on my deck a few nights ago.

It's been a couple of years since we had the mourning doves in our yard. I love their song and think they are so quietly pretty. In the evenings the yard becomes a bird playground. We need no other entertainment.

Stay cool!


elle said...

I have seen these doves but I'm not sure I can recognize their sound. You live in such a fabulous place. Water all around! :)

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Great pictures here too, but not as hot as in Moncton; out of the ordinary for here though.

rtquilter said...

Love our mourning doves too. Their sound makes me remember mornings in England , waking up to the sound of the doves. LOVE IT! It is hottt here too and our birds and squirrels are suffering. So are we. Try to stay cool, Holly!