Sunday, September 9, 2012

Some painting with my new Silks

I've been playing with my new Silk paints this afternoon and I'm starting to get a feel for the possibilities. On the seashells, I used the Silks watered down and mixed together in order to obtain the grays and beiges. At the end I used Inktense water soluble pencils to add definition.

This tomato fresh from my garden is done using basically the same method. I did start with a wash of orange with Neocolor II crayons, then layered some Silks, then the Inktense..

I did this cosmos only with watercolor.
The Silks are an acrylic paint with sparkly mica mixed in. There are many surfaces upon which they can be used, fabric is one that I will be interested in.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

All of your paintings are lovely. Will be interesting to see how they those silk paints work on fabric. Have a wonderful day. Tammy

Margaret Applin said...

Totally awesome!!! They came out fabulous!!!

elle said...

Wow, Holly! Are you ready to offer classes, yet!