Thursday, September 6, 2012

New paints

The Silks paints that I ordered for Dion Dior's class, A Taste of Silks, finally arrived this morning. I had actually driven down to Chal Baie to do my few volunteer hours, but the manager had a cold and I opted not to stay. It is a fairly small space and with a compromised immune system and two weddings coming up, I decided to come home.
The paints were waiting or me.

Of course I wanted to try them right away, so I did a little drawing based on one of the photos from my garden. What are those things, anyway? They're of the onion family ; I've lost the name.
I used my Neo Color II crayons to add the colors on the flower. Then the plan was to sponge on some of the shimmering Silk paint. The only sponge I could find in the house was a sponge brush which resulted in angular shapes.
Now I can see they would have worked nicely a bit watered down and with a better sponge.

I tried to capture some of the shimmer inherent in the Silks.

I need to go sit down and do a little more reading before I try again. I think they're going to be fun once I loosen up a bit!


Wendy said...

Nice! Are they allium?

greelyrita said...

Chives? Happy you're feeling better!! Hope the rice helped a bit...

elle said...

Lovely. I'm looking forward to playing with these myself!

Connie said...

Beautiful painting and I love your Chives! I have them in my garden too!