Saturday, September 8, 2012

More sachets, painted fabric

You may have noticed that I've not been buried in my fabric art lately. The turning of the weather is partly to blame, but also, I'm going to be traveling to two weddings this month, one of them my son's, and I have a couple of things to finish up for those.
I love the fall and the advent of cooler temps. It makes me feel at one with the world and content. As always I'm always open to the world around me, but more so in the fall. I like want to go for nature walks, and to come home with little inspiring bits to sketch and paint.
There are always some little fall cleaning jobs that need to be done too. So, today I feel good to have sewn and stuffed 3 more little lavender sachets for the shop downtown. You can see the pins in the openings, I've not stitched them closed yet.

This is a piece of painted fabric that I did a number of years ago. I found it in my bin as I was putting things away. I've been thinking and musing about it for the last couple of weeks. That's kind of what I do before starting a new project.
I have some inspiration but whether I get to it or not we'll see. It's actually quite large, about the size of a fat quarter, so I will likely cut it up.
What do you think? I definitely have a direction in mind but someone just might spark up an idea!

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