Monday, September 24, 2012

A little FMQing

This morning I needed to do a bit of house cleaning. I've been neglecting some things. Every second or third time I have to vacuum more thoroughly but I've been putting it off for longer. So, I took my time with it and hing out my sheets as well. It's a perfect clothes line day, really I should have been out for a walk but I was too tired by the time I was done.

With the heating belt on my back, I sat down at my machine to do a little free motion quilting. I'm satisfied with my second ever feather, but the flowers that I did in the triangles, not so much. Two are good; two I'll rip out.
The one I don't like is at the bottom of the picture. I'm not sure if you can see the detail of it or not. I almost always give a little lesson in what not to do, don't I? A little more practice on a sample might have helped, although sometimes you only notice the problem on the actual item.
Yes, I did practice the shape and trace it out on the fabric first, but once I had done the stitching, I didn't like them. The next two I traced the way I decided they should be.

I also decided to add a thread stitched leaf to this piece. It is going to blogging friend. My husband actually said he liked it when I told him. That is quite rare for him to take notice of a piece.

I found the idea for this pumpkin I'm doing for the front step in the latest Country Living magazine. The lace in their example was black. I have a bag of lace scraps, none of which were black, so I thought I'd simply paint it. It actually was a good idea except I couldn't find a drop of any black paint in the house. Always one to make do, I used grey. I attached it with a Tacky glue. Hmmm. I wonder if its water proof?
So that was my day, a few starts but no real finishes except the housework. I'm tired out and I still have to put the sheets back on my bed!


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

love your FMQ Holly!!! and what a neat idea for the pumpkin!!

Monika Kinner-Whalen (MySweetPrairie) said...

Haha - my mom phoned me twice to ask if I got the newest Country Living magazine! : )

Your free motion is awesome! Feathers aren't the easiest, but yours look fine.

That art piece is omg so pretty Holly! What a lucky recipient. : )))


elle said...

The fmqing isn't really noticeable but I admire you for practicing and ripping out the unacceptable. I often settle for less. :( Those birches are so good, I agree with your husband. Is it pumpkin time already? ;^)