Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall leaves

It was such a beautiful day that I gave up my studio time and went for a trail walk with my camera. Strolling along, I took the time to really look around me and took lots of pictures. It definitely was not a cardio walk!
I came home with a handful of leaves and had just enough time before super to do this quick watercolour.

I'm not sure if you'll see enough detail on the blog to tell that I added a little bit of shimmer using the Silks paints. ( the green and gold areas). I'm going to want to do more of these as they are still quite tricky for me to handle.
The leaves are still turning, so they'll be lots of opportunity.

These 3 books arrived in my mailbox today. I'll take one with me on my overnight trip tomorrow for my son's wedding, probably won't have minute to read but just knowing it's waiting for me is exciting.
I shall have some wedding pictures early next week.


Margaret Applin said...

Ohhh you already have very fall leaves!! I bet it was a beautiful walk. We've had rain all day :( Great leaves - they are spot on! Have fun at the wedding!!!!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

Beautiful leaves Holly! And oh, what a lovely walk you had! And I feel like you do - a real treat to come home to new books!! Have safe trip!

Gill said...

Pretty leaves! Ours are not very colourful yet!
I shall be interested to hear what you think of your books! The Jean Wells one is on my wish list but not released here in the UK until November!