Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Coming up roses

Sometimes I remind myself of the CBC radio show called Madly off In All Directions! I get an idea for something different for a change and I have to go with it. It's fun to just grab some fabrics and crazy piece them together, willy nilly, the scraps flying everywhere.
Maybe it had something to do with watching the Rose Bowl Parade.
I finished quilting the first one which is quite a bit larger than the next one although you can't tell from the pictures. The first one would be great on a small dresser or table. The second one is more mug mat size.

They're so cheery on a windy winter's day!

Just before lunch, at the warmest part of the day, we got out on the snowshoes for the first time.

I was so exhausted when we got home that my husband made me lunch and I curled up with my new afghan (made by my mother in law) to watch the parade.

I caught this little fellow near a feeder that someone had built into a tree. I always regret not carrying the telephoto lens.
It has been a perfect day, spending time in the outdoors with my husband and doing the things I love.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

love the pic in the snowshoes!! We went out yesterday for the first time; broke a trail. Then one of our sons, wife and 11 year old son came to visit today and we all went out again. We bout the 4 grandsons snowshoes for Christmas...we wear the wooden ones; they have the metal....cheaper than making them wooden ones now.

Linda said...

Lovely mug rugs Holly. I see a few Kaffes in there. There is nothing more fun than sewing on the fly! We have very little snow here in Halifax. Not enough for snowshoes.

imquilternity said...

Your quilted mug rug(s) are very colorful...what a great combination of fabrics! I think you are lucky (you might argue with me later in the season) to be able to go out and snowshoe in your own neighborhood. It would be about a two-hour (or more) drive for us and then there would be a million people to contend with! That's why we don't snowshoe! :))