Sunday, January 13, 2013

Making a bag

Last year I did a piece of artwork for a friend who made it into a sewing machine cover. In exchange, she agreed to put together a bag for me. Because I wasn't really inspired and couldn't decide on a pattern, I never got it started until this weekend.
This week I was going through a bin of past starts and found one of a tree. I've done more since that i like better, but this one was larger so I thought it would fit nicely into a bag.
It doesn't need to hang on a wall as artwork, so a few imperfections are OK.

I picked up the check which is a home dec fabric at the little shop I visited on Friday. It doesn't look very big in the picture but it actually measures about 23 by 26 folded in half.
Now I just need to layer it with batting and quilt it. I'll have to see if there's something in my stash that would suit as a lining. Also, I need to make some pieces for pockets.
I need to give it some thought as to how I will quilt it as well. I do plan to outline the tree and probably fill in with a leaf pattern. Not sure how I'll quilt the black check though. Any ideas?

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

This will be a great looking bag.