Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Little birds

Today is another sunny, mild winter's day and it lifts the spirits just to be out doing a few errands. There's no wrapping oneself up like a mummy and running for the indoors as fast as you can. I enjoyed it turning my face to the sun and to absorb the rays. It'll be cold again soon I'm sure.
I did a little bird sketch using the Paper 53 App. It is a bit awkward using the finger as you can't see exactly where the line will fall. I may have to break down and get a stylus. Also, I think I need to purchase more colours.

I did another little watercolour still playing with some of the images I see this time of year.


Leslie McNeil said...

darling! i'm lovin my that new 53 app!

mysweetprairie said...


???That's an app!??? wow

: )

mysweetprairie said...

hehe... you know you are Canadian when your posts begin with how will plan your day based on the weather. : )

Juanita said...

These birds are lovely. You have quite a knack with an app:)