Monday, January 28, 2013

Sketching plovers, sewing a pyramid bag

Most flora I find quite easy to sketch because the shapes are organic and it doesn't really matter if a line is a little off. I love to feed and watch birds, they fascinate me and it follows that I would like to be able to draw and paint them. One needs a little more attention to shape, proportion and detail in order, for example, for a plover to look like a plover.
I have a friend who wants some paintings for her cottage and plovers would be perfect as they're seen on her beach.
Last night, I did a few 5 minute sketches, two in my sketchbook and one on the I pad.

It takes practice on the I pad but I think I'm getting better.

This afternoon, I decided to use another one of my hand printed fabrics to make a pyramid bag.
I quilted it first.

I followed a tutorial here.
Last year I made one that didn't have a lining and then I found this one. I made it for the first time today. The directions were confusing for me because she didn't mention sewing the lining to the zipper too in the first step. Once I figured that out, I still had a bit of confusion figuring out how to stitch the lining and right sides together. I got it done but did end up with the closed zipper tab on the bottom of the bag, not a huge deal since this one is for me. I want it to carry my mug to my guild meetings.


Margaret Applin said...

You are sooooo good at illustrating!!! I wish I could draw Plovers like you and I love beach birds!

Leslie McNeil said...

cute cute cute! love the sketch! {and your bags/quilting}