Sunday, January 27, 2013

A finished runner and more hearts

Finally, I'm able to post about my finished runner. I even finished hand sewing down the binding!

I tried every room in the house but was not able to get a good full on picture where the details on the velvet areas and the feathered machine quilting would show. You've seen some details before. The next photo shows some.

Today, I opted to stay inside. Even though its warmed up to about -10 C, it was very windy again.
I've been sewing together more hearts from the piece of fabric that I painted a few days ago. These two are stuffed but not sewn up yet because I think I might pick up some dried lavender to add. They would be nice hung in a linen or clothes closet or perhaps near a bed. Lavender is supposed to be relaxing.
I'd love to think up more fun things to sew with painted fabric as it's so much fun to do.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

The runner is really pretty...cold wind here today. We went into Moncton yesterday morning and again this morning for 8am hockey games. The grandsons were playing at the Coliseum this weekend. I have to watch each of them at least once a winter. I almost froze going from the car to the building!!

Gill said...

The weather here (UK) is cold,wet and windy!! but not as cold as yours!
I love the hearts Holly!

imquilternity said...

Well, I won't even mention what our weather is like. Don't want anyone to feel the least bit envious! :)) Anyway, I love the stuffed hearts...what a wonderful idea. The thin strips of fabric hanging from the hearts is very clever and cute.