Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snowflake runner

G had to go in to work today so I had to miss my UFO day. I made the most go it though. This morning I was a little slow to get myself up and moving due to a cortisone adjustment I had to make. No need to go anywhere or do anything though. Eventually I made some muffins and then got to work sandwiching my runner.
After my lunch, I started the free motion quilting working on the snowflakes in the centre. It's sle going because you can't rush it when using the Hollow Shimmer threads.

I'm really pleased with the bottom snowflake. It really makes me happy! Here you can see it in a but more detail.

Here is one half of the runner. I'm thinking of putting feathers in one of the narrow middle sections.

Some of you (you know who you are) may be wondering if I'll get over this snowflake stage. I can say that ever since I made the little heart shown in the last post, I've got a hankering to do more. I see some pink and orange ones in the future.
I picked up a book I had on order from the library yesterday which I must recommend. It's Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny. I've just started it but I'm into it already just as I was with all her other books. She writes good old fashioned mysteries with lovely characters. I'm just going to settle in with it now for a bit.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Never too much of your snowflakes Holly. The close up is great; your stitching is precise. Good going!!

Michelle said...

I LOVE your snowflakes! They're very unique and so beautiful. The colors you're using are divine and the shimmery thread is just makes them pop! Will you be listing some in your Etsy shop?

Leslie McNeil said...

I'm not tired of snowflakes unless they fall in July! lol. Certainly not yours, anyway! Looking forward to seeing more; you are quite right, too... 'slow and steady' wins the race... They are truly gorgeous, Holly!

elle said...

Excellent job of machine quilting, Holly. Let it snow! :)