Monday, January 14, 2013

Birch trees and snowflakes

My priority is my health and when it's such a mild winter's day as it was today, I need to get outside. We are having a real January thaw right now- it was about 9C- and one must take advantage. I went for a walk on the trail, feeding a few chickadees here and there.
I did get the iron on backing cut and ironed onto the outside piece of my bag. I've also gotten the machine set for FMQing and started a small bit. That's always the important part for me. Now it's easy to sit down and do some here and there.

I've still got my snowflakes on my mind too. Last night, after researching more sites on paper snowflakes, I sat and cut a few more out.
Here you see them layered onto white cotton with the fabric paints spritzed on. I have a table runner in mind this time but I'm looking for a batik to go with it. I've nothing in my stash, so I've asked my friends before I resort to ordering something.

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