Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's been lovely and sunny here today after our big storm, but very cold and blustery. I did a couple of errands this morning and spent the afternoon in my sunny sewing room.
I decided to scatter some little free motion stitched snowflakes across the topper.

I want to bind it with bias binding but have nothing the right size or color so I cut some strips of white and I'm going to try to spritz them using the same colors as the topper.
Then after all that tiny controlled stitching, I decided I needed to loosen up. I dragged out some scraps and started stitching crazy patch style.
The plan was to make a mug rug. It's a bit big but I'm free motioning it anyway. It will fit someone's table. I think it's about 10 by 10"or so. Now that I have the idea, I'll make a smaller one.

Next, I wanted to free motion quilt it with the Wonderfil Accent thread I'd been saving. On my last experiment with the thread, it kept shredding and breaking. I figured it was because I didn't have the right bobbin thread so I ordered some.
I thought it was going to be good but then the same thing started. I changed the needle several times, checked the tension, all to no avail.
I'm stumped and wondering of it could be something with the machine. I did have it serviced not long ago though.

Maybe I should pull out my little workshop machine, the Jem Gold and try it. Perhaps I'll try that next.
We're staying in tonight; maybe we'll look for a movie, or maybe we'll simply watch the festivities. Tomorrow will be spent doing what we love, snowshoeing if its nice, and having a quiet supper.
As for resolutions, I've given up on those. I read somewhere about intentions and I like the idea. I intend to do the same in 2013 as in the past year. I will spend time each day in a creative endeavour, make exercise a priority, try to eat healthy, and try to avoid unnecessary purchases. I will find joy in the little quiet moments.

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Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Here, here, Holly! I second that! All the best in 2013! It’s been great fun reading your blog and watching the progress on all your wonderful projects - looking forward to much more of the same!