Friday, December 28, 2012

Snowy day

My youngest son left today. He blew the driveway and his fiancé shovelled before they left since my husband isn't allowed after the gall bladder surgery. I went out for errands and had to park on the street when I returned because the plough had gone by.
So my husband came out with me and showed me how to use the snow blower. It's a very old, heavy one, but I handled it fine. The hardest part was squeezing the handle to make it go; my hand cramped.
I showed a small peek of these table toppers before Chritmas. Now I can show you the whole photo. This one I made for the son with the round table.

This was for the youngest son and his fiancé. The snowflake patterns and measurements for the runner came from Quilting Arts in a newsletter.
I purposely went a little funky with the fabrics and didn't use Christmas fabrics, so they could be used longer.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

very nice toppers Holly!!!

Dolores said...

They look lovely. Smart move - making them out of fabrics that don't say Christmas.

darcey said...

Beautiful, Holly.
Well done on the snow blower. I always think that they look like fun to use. Can you tell I like garden gadgets? Love to weed whack, too.
Happy New Year.

DonnaC said...

Wow, what beautifulwork: you get better and better all the time! sounds like you had a beautiful Christmas, despite the snow blowing and all....See you sometime this week?