Wednesday, January 5, 2011

some days are just like that

There are  some days when I get up and I just cannot clear my head nor get going. Today was one of those days. Usually a little exercise gets the metabolism going and I can shake it off, but nit today even after I went for a gentle swim and sauna at the spa. The good news is that the back is better.
I came home from the spa and had lunch. When I still felt the same after that, I gave up and took to the sofa with my knitting and a book.
This is why I feel quite good to say that I put together these 4 little blocks to-night that eventually will become a quarter of the larger block. I feel like i did something today!

I have not often strip pieced such small pieces together and I'm finding that the ends of the seams are often ending narrower than the rest. Sometimes I have to flip it around and resew the end of the seam form the other direction to make it straight. Has anyone had this problem and if so, are there any suggestions?
I'm going now to put my jammies on and see what I can find to watch while I knit.


Exuberant Color said...

I have the same problem, and I noticed a lot of students do too. We start out with the seam lined up under the foot, and when we get to the end we tend to let it wander a little to one side. Starting at the other end will solve it.

Dolores said...

I have had several of those days now and I feel like I'm stuck and can't get out. I will keep trying to get things done.