Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year's!

The sun just came out and it is quite mild here on this first day of 2011. I have not listened to the weather but I am hoping that  we do not get rain which would ruin all our beautiful snow. My husband and I spent a quiet night at home last night. At supper, we pulled out the very old (like 30 years) fondue pot which we haven't used in a while and cooked some shrimp, assorted vegetables and one shelled pre-cooked lobster. I fell asleep after supper while reading on my favorite Christmas present--the Kindle. We then watched a repeat of Wild Hogs on TV and I spent the last half hour of 2010 doing this:

I have started a new quilt using a pattern form this book. The fabric kit for an appliqued tote bag was sent to me by my aunt last summer when I wasn't feeling well. It was so soft and pretty and there seemed to be such an ample amount that I thought it would make a lovely baby or lap quilt. These are the first pieces ready to sew.
 I have some blocks up on my design wall but it will be rearranged once I get more blocks done. The picture doesn't do it justice. I will try better for the next one.
Also, I usually don't make New year's resolutions and I won't this year either. I don't like to set myself  rigid plans. I do, however, like to make intentions. I have noticed in reading many other blogs that mine are very similar. I would like to:
1. exercise as much as I can to improve my health.
2. spend more time in quiet contemplation and meditation
3. appreciate family
4. be creative whenever I can
My interest often tends to fluctuate between drawing, painting, art quilting and traditional quilting. I would like to continue to develop my 'voice' in art quilting but I also don't want to feel guilty when the urge hits to do some traditional piecing. It is very soothing and gratifying. I am not very good at measuring, cutting and planning, so it is often quite a challenge to figure it all out. I am absorbed in this particular quilt right now and soon I will be working on my printed wall hanging again. I'm thinking about painting a luna moth on fabric and the urge will hit me to do it one day.
The only thing that I don't enjoy is the machine quilting. I have several that need to be done now. I can do the smaller ones myself but must wait until I can afford to send out the larger ones. I absolutely hate basting as well.

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