Saturday, January 15, 2011

it was a beautiful sunny day today

but we did not snowshoe because we just went last night after Gord came home from work.. There is something so magical about being out on a snowy trail in the moonlight. When Gord said he wanted to finish the baseboards in my sewing room today, I decided to make raisin bread and set my machine up in the kitchen. That was my inspiration to  finally do some machine quilting on my Winter Quilt. I'm quilting each square separately and I'll do the sashing when the squares are done. It's really a little too high to be comfortable so I so it in small bits. It could be in my kitchen for a while. I have a Plexiglas table under there but I added a an 8" by 11" teflon sheet to it called the Supreme Glider which seems to be a lot more smooth. I noticed that they now make a bigger one and I believe I may order it. I could keep the smaller one to carry to workshops with my little Jem Gold machine. The quilt definitely moves a lot more smoothly.

I would be a lot faster getting things done if I could just do one thing  at a time, but that would just be boring!!
Once the bread was done, we did go out for a little walk because it was so nice out. When I got back, I was so tired I stretched out on the sofa to finish this book, The Help. It was a really good book. There is another loaf that I did not show athat we have already starte to eat. I could just sit and eat the whole thing!

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Wendy said...

Yum yum home made raisin bread...I haven't made any in ages...I may need to make some this week coming.