Tuesday, January 25, 2011

new camera

I've been researching for some time into buying a new and better camera. Because I recently lost my little camera that I like to take on my walks, I opted to buy another small mid range camera when my husband saw one advertised  for less than half price. I picked it up this morning. I will still be saving for another bigger camera but this one seems perfect and has a lot more options and a much better zoom than than my old one.
here is a picture of all my blocks up on the design wall. i have sewn the two top horizontal rows. i am still not getting the true colors in this quilt though. It really is pretty-- much more golden hued. Once put together, I believe I will try hanging it outside on the line for a better picture.

Next, I tried a close up of my latest knitting project--socks-- and the detail is great.
This is a close up of a section of my Mariner's Compass quilt where I traced a star on this morning. You can just barely see the star. I am quilting part  of the quilt with perle cotton (areas where there is no piecing) and part with regular quilting thread.
 Now that I'm done playing with the new camera, I'm going to go do a little sewing and quilting. You may nit hear form me for a few days as tomorrow I'm doing the cleanse for my colonoscopy on Thursday morning. I'm not looking forward to it, but as I've done it 3 times before I know the routine. tomorrow will be the  worst part, the test is easy.


Exuberant Color said...

That is the neat part of technology, even the smaller point and shoot cameras have a lot more features now.

imquilternity said...

You're so right about the colonoscopy...cleansing is no fun! Your new camera takes terrific photos - what kind did you get? I need to get a new "point and shoot" since mine won't focus any longer and it easier at times to carry the smaller, lighter camera.