Monday, January 3, 2011

holiday over

My husband went back to work this morning in a snowstorm. While I'm happy to see some snow, I don't like it when he has to drive to work. So, I'm stuck in the house which I don't really mind. Monday is often my housework day, but I'm forcefully spared from that too. Yesterday, I pulled my back as I bent over to pick up something. I'm managing it with heat, ice and a few Tylenol back pain pills that I had in the house. They really do help take the edge off. This morning, I managed very slowly to change my bed but I can't vacuum. Oh darn!
Yesterday, I was still able to make orange flax muffins and cauliflower curry soup using a heated belt that has a very long electrical cord. I'm able to maneuver all around the kitchen with it on. You can tell this hasn't been the first time I've done this. I must say though that it has been a couple of years. The yoga has really helped my back a lot.
 The soup was delicious and came from this magazine.
I don't find it helps to lay down--the back just gets stiffer. I'm able to do a little sewing in short periods. I've now got 3 rows of 4 blocks randomly put up on the wall. I'm still finding the color is a little off here, even though I tried taking the photo a few different ways. Perhaps next time if it's sunny out that will help.

I'm going now to grab some lunch and perhaps I'll knit for a while this afternoon. I'm making some yoga socks right now for myself. I gave the first pair that I made to the yoga teacher. They have no heels or toes.


Debbie said...

After messing up my back, my husband now vacuums! Just wanted to say, I know your pain and hope you get thru it soon. Tylenol and muscle relaxers are my only relief sometimes.

Vicki W said...

Yoga is amazing isn't it? I started doing yoga stretches a few years ago and it did winders for my back. I hope your recovery is fast!