Tuesday, January 4, 2011

more painting

I didn't touch my sewing machine today. I met friends for coffee/tea and did a few errands. My back is improving although I still couldn't stand straight enough to go for a walk. Instead I put in a half hour on the indoor bike. Besides that I had enough time to do a wash, make a vegetarian casserole and paint the moth onto fabric. I opted for the heavier cotton and I did use the Derwent Inltense pencils. I really live the color, especially when you brush with it water. The colors come alive. I will be backing this with stabilizer to do some thread painting, so the blurriness and bleeding will either be cut away or covered by stitching.
My daughter recently spent a week away from Korea where she is teaching to visit Vietnam over Christmas. Her blog can be found in my sidebar. I thought I would share a couple of her photos. It has been quite an experience and eye opener for her to see how other people live.

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Wendy said...

Your moth looks like it might fly away! I was at your daughters blog and commented the other day. l Loved the pic of the children!