Sunday, January 30, 2011

snowshoeing Saturday and a quiet Sunday

Yesterday dawned a slightly overcast but mild and calm day. Gord and I puttered around the house(me - the sewing room, him- the workshop) for a bit in the morning and then we packed some peanut butter and banana sandwiches and took them with us snowshoeing at the golf course. This was the view from the shelter where we sat to eat lunch.

Just before leaving the house, I put the last seam on the quilt, so I took the time to hang it outside from the clothesline and take a picture.

The neutral bits are still showing up as more beige than gold even in this close up view.
 I really like this pattern that I took from the book Color Shuffle. I love all the asymmetrical rectangles. Right now it measures about 52 by 62 inches. Once I add the borders, it should be around 64 by 74 inches.

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Wendy said...

they look gold to me. maybe it is your monitor???