Sunday, January 16, 2011

it's another sparkling sunny day

You just can't ignore a day up here in northern New Brunswick in  January when the sun shines. You must get outside to catch what few rays you can; even if it is only your face (I where something over my mouth too) that  is bare. Gord and I had a leisurely Sunday breakfast as usual, and I did a  little more free motion quilting. I finished this block this morning and I rather like the wind swirls that I added around the snowman. I've decided to use the same motif in the sashing as well.

Around 11:30 we called some friends who met us at the trail and we went snowshoeing. I had planned to take my little sketchbook for some quick gestural sketches when we would stop for a break, but with company, I grabbed the camera instead. I seem to be always taking a picture of my husband as he walks away. He's just always in front of me. On the flat areas I catch up, but I slowly drop back like an old car that's lost it's power as we trek up the hills.

Once home, we had a quick lunch and both took a little nap. I read for  a bit and then came in here to look at my photos and do a quick sketch in my sketchbook. It is only about 3" by 5"  in size and is meant for pencils, so I wondered what it would be like to add some gesso as a base since I often like to add a bit of watercolor to my drawings. Since it is meant for pencils or pen, the paper in this sketchbook is treated with a sizing that resists the watercolor. The gesso does help but it has a lot more tooth than a watercolor paper would have. Thus the watercolor doesn't spread.

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dióhéj said...

very nice things you sew!