Saturday, January 29, 2011

colonoscopy over and a little inspiration

These little birds were at my feeder at breakfast time this morning. I believe they are redpolls.

On Thursday I had my colonoscopy, and yesterday was lunch and errand day so I haven't done much. This was my fourth time for the colonoscopy and it really does get easier. I go into the cleanse with a positive attitude. I followed some suggestions I found on the net -- get comfortable. I put on my pajamas when I started drinking, I lit candles in the bathroom, and I used a lubricant to help prevent soreness later. I 've learned to chug like I never could in university! I also started early in the afternoon so I was done by early evening and I got a good night's rest. The whole procedure went well except that they found and removed 4 polyps this time. I was disappointed because, although I've had them before, I expected to be clean this time as last time. Now I'll have to go back sooner. Oh well at least I can have comfort knowing they were found and removed. I'm a real advocate for this procedure as I had 3 large pre cancerous polyps removed about 10 years ago. It's a much better alternative than coping with cancer.
Now on to a little art postcard that I got inspired to start yesterday. I needed a break from the tedium of sewing blocks together. I thought it would be interesting to document my process.
I pulled out a stash of scraps of fabric which I block printed or screen printed but have never used. It's funny, some don't appeal to me at all when I first do them. I simply put them away. I think it may be that it just doesn't match the vision that is percolating in my head at the time.
I've been snow shoeing of late and when I pulled out this scrap it reminded me of the soft gray sky at dusk when we are just heading out on the trail after work. I laid it on my work table and proceeded to root through my drawer of thread and fabric scraps for embellishment. I found these pink threads. ( I save everything)
The next step was to layer it on a stiff interfacing. Then I used Setacolor opaque fabric paint to add the moon. I stitched the threads into bush shapes, added some snow and some hollow shimmer thread to one side of the trees.
I usually have some sort of vision of what I want to do but it is usually a very intuitive process for me with each step being revealed as I work.
I think my next step now will be to add some pink color to the sky with my Neo Color II crayons and do some more stitching on the trees.

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Exuberant Color said...

I have learned to document my progress to and it is invaluable to go back to when I'm not sure what I did. It also reminds me of ideas I got during the process, sometimes ideas I didn't use on it.