Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sauna hot!

The hot sultry weather continues. It was back to work this morning for my husband while I had physio for my knee and then went to the craft shop, Chal Baie, to do my few volunteer hours. If they hadn't put in air conditioning this year, I would have stayed home.
As I sometimes do this time of year when flowers are abundant, I started a sketch of the wild peas from the beach.

I'm using a mix of Conte Awuarelle watercolor pencils and Winsor and Newton watercolours. I dug out some masking fluid which I thought was hardened and managed to get enough for the little white parts. They appear yellow right now. Perhaps I'll finish it over breakfast tomorrow.
At Chal Baie I stitched the binding for my mug rug and then arranged it with my other things on the shelf.

Yesterday after the beach we picked up take out, so I knew I had to do something better for supper tonight. We were discussing a few ideas at the shop that got my taste buds going. On the way home I picked up a few things at the grocers and after watering some droopy plants, I mixed up a couple of salads.

The one on the right is a mango, black bean, avocado salsa. Here's the link. I will serve it with rice crackers.
I bought a single Caesar salad $2.49, put it gently into a bowl and added some grated cheese. To come are tomatoes and boiled eggs.
Very simple and tasty for a hot day.
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Margaret said...

It's heating up here too, but blessedly we have a breeze. Love your water-colour sketch!

Kate said...

Stay cool, Holly. Now if we could just save this, to take out in January!