Monday, July 7, 2014

Seashells, Seaweed, and Queen Anne's Lace

I'm vowing to have more stay at home days like I did today. I've been running around too much, some appointments and such, but some because I temporarily had my own car. That has come to an end and I will be driving my husband again two days a week, squeezing all my outings into those days. It takes some planning but it also keeps me home on the other days with more time for my art.
If you read my blog, you'll know about my walks and my collections that I inevitably carry home no matter where I walk. Last night I walked in the subdivision and I almost stepped on a little nest that had been blown out of a tree and onto the sidewalk during the storm . Even though I was walking with my poles, I managed to carry it home.
It seems to be made with pine needles and strips of birch bark, with the odd bit of fluff here and there. Is it not beautiful?
After my noon meal today, I gathered my drawing and painting supplies and did a study of a couple of small bits of the seaweed that I picked up yesterday at the beach.
I keep a few supplies tucked nearby in a drawer of my china cabinet. The perfect size for art supplies!
While drawing, I keep the sliding door open, the radio off, hearing only the birds twittering, the sound of the water in my deck top fountain, and the occasional tinkle from my chimes. It is a meditative process requiring my focused attention to the tiny details. Seaweed is not easy to paint (for me), the various shades and translucency being somewhat illusive. It is interesting and fascinating though.
Shortly afterwards I came into my sewing studio where I did a little more stitching on the seashell and also added some applique shells and stones in the forefront.
I've also added the first curvy border.
The seahorse has been thread sketched. I used silk threads for sheen and Hollowshimmer thread for some sparkle in the mane.
At an appointment the other day, i noticed Queen Anne's Lace growing nearby. Of course I had to bring home a handful of it!
I've already added some of it to the pages of an old phone book (I keep several for pressing flowers). It will be used when I'm next looking for plant material in my printing.
I've got to get into my kitchen and make something for dinner. The plan is for a veggie crust with homemade crust. Hubby is golfing again which I don't mind at all. we have our golf dates. When he's out I can cook or not, according to how I feel and when I want to.

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