Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hand embellishing the cosmos, and a sea themed Gelli print

We've certainly gotten the much needed rain along with some cooler air but it has come in with a vengeance! It poured and blew all day although the rain has let up. We are lucky though compared to some of the more southern parts of our province and Nova Scotia where there are many power outages and lots of storm damage. My daughter drove from PEI to Fredericton last night for a wedding today which has now been cancelled until tomorrow.
I made a rhubarb crumble at lunch time figuring that it wouldn't hurt it if our power failed and I had to only partially bake it. So far we have been lucky to have had only a few flickers.
For the rest of the afternoon, I've been finishing the free motion quilting on the cosmos piece. It is now ready for a bit of hand stitching and perhaps a few beads.

It really adds to the time that I put onto a piece, but I cannot seem to resist adding some hand bits here and there, especially on a floral piece.

I've also picked another piece from my Gelli print box and added a bit of Neocolor II crayon to the shell and the seaweed.

The plan is to add a couple of wavy borders and progress to my usual thread painting, quilting and embellishing.
I'm thinking of all those who are enduring power outages and storm damage right now, hoping it ends soon.


sdBev said...

Very lovely. The details your are adding are wonderful.

Eileen said...

The free motion quilting on the outside border really adds to this piece. You are very talented Holly and I so enjoy seeing what you are doing.