Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beach treasures

I made a quick run to the market this morning where I picked up fresh local strawberries, a French country loaf with cranberries, and some garlic greens which I'd never seen before.

I was told to use them in any cooked dish, especially a stir fry. Afterwards, I dropped in at the in laws where I discovered it was low tide. My mother in law and I went for a short stroll on the sandbars and through the shallow pools gathering a few tidbits from the sea. She spied an empty intact sand dollar while I picked up interesting shell bits and seaweed.
After lunch, I started doing a watercolor sketch of 2 pieces that I brought home, but I was getting warm and decided to leave it and move closer to the air conditioning for a bit.

I'm feeling too lethargic for my sewing studio and need a little rest anyway as I'm supposed to meet Gord at the golf course for the 'back' 9 around 5PM. I will get a cart and hope for cooler temps by then.
I want to show you a cheap little piece of kitch that I picked up in the thrift store yesterday. There was something so endearing about it that I couldn't seem to leave the store without it!

The little birds make me smile anyway. The girl told me that every time she brings a piece home, she takes something out. Hmmm, I just can't find anything to let go of yet. It'll get to a point when I'll need to purge and a bunch of stuff will go. It's hard to do that as an artist because one inevitably wishes for something back.
Here's my little breakfast sketch. I thought I would take the weekend off but the habit seems to have ingrained.

Oh, and I have to mention how lovely it was on my deck last night. There was a soft breeze and finally, no flies. I stretched out on my gravity chair and watched the birds. The hummingbirds were buzzing and flitting around coming to the window feeder right next to me. The goldfinches were chirping and chasing each other and a chickadee came to sip water at my little fountain.

It is a tiny, cozy space, but it makes me happy and so is enough. My husband is working on expanding it by a few feet which will enable us to add some shade and to fit the swing there. I know it will be lovely.

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imquilternity said...

Sounds like the perfect day!