Friday, July 4, 2014

Breakfast table sketches

My crazy hubby just called to tell me he' coming home early form work. I thought it was because it was too warm in the office but no, he's decided to try to get in a round of golf before the rain and thunder start. I stupidly agreed; we'll take a cart, just in case, and I'll get to see if my knee can hold up.
This morning, I finished one of what I now like to term 'my breakfast sketches'. Instead of doing the crossword right now while the wildflowers and such are in bloom,  I've decided to use my after breakfast tea time to do some quick little sketches. As you may spy in the background, other flotsam and jetsam from beach and woods make it to the table as well. It is an easy way to find the time to paint and a nice way to start the day.
I also did a tiny one for future reference. The attention to detail is meditative and relaxing.

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit a friend's garden and I thought you might enjoy a small peek. Her husband has spent years building it, making special little viewing and seating areas. I took several photos but this is my favorite
Here is another little seating area that overlooks the water.
It is a magical place.
I'm off to get ready. One thing's for sure; I'll either be wet from sweat or wet from the rain! Maybe both.
Have a great weekend and Happy July 4th to all my American readers!

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Anonymous said...

what a beautiful garden...I would spend all day there!
Great idea to do sketching rather than the crosswords while the flowers are blooming.
Are you in line of the hurricane??