Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Seashells and a Big Old Pine Postcard

It didn't start out to be a great day--I went to bed with hip pain last night and awoke with it at 4AM. I took pain medication but couldn't get back to sleep until it was time to get up to drive my husband to work. My day for the car. I am thankful that I no longer have to go work; I was able to come home after a doctor's appointment and have a bit of a rest.
It is very hot and muggy here today. Thunder storms are forecast for later today. I haven't' ventured out except for my appointment and to water my plants. After the rain the other day, I took this photo of my lily which just came into bloom this week.

In summer, I always have a bouquet in the house although it's a little harder this year since I used some of my flower space for vegetables. I'll add wildflowers to the mix occasionally as well as fern or hosta leaves.
At lunch time, I still felt a little low, but the habit of sketching has become ingrained. It focuses me and takes my mind off the pain. I read somewhere just last night that the act of reating art can increase production of serotonin, so I guess it was just what I needed.
Something else that I saw  recently on Facebook (Martha Stewart, I think) was the idea of using a coffee press to steep loose tea for iced tea. What a great idea! Add some honey and lemon and put it in the frig when cooled.

While I was out this morning, I picked up a roasted chicken breast from the grocer and I made a corn and black bean salad to go with it. Easy. Gave me time to do a bit of stitching.
This is postcard sized 4" by 6". It is based on the picture you see on the I Pad screen taken by my niece.The background was done using the Neocolor II crayons and heat set.
It's going to be a little gift for someone.


sdBev said...

Love these colored pencil studies. I should get out my own and follow your leas.

Mystic Quilter said...

Your flower posy looks so fresh, especially sitting by your glass container with sea shells.
Hope you;re feeling a little better now.