Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cosmos binding, seashell sketch, birds

Now that the worst of the black fly/mosquito season has passed, we are able to once again sit out on our deck in the evenings. I love to do this just before bath/jammy time. Last night was lovely, finally cooling a bit later in the evening. Sometimes I just sit, listening to the leaves rustling in the breeze and the birds twittering, sometimes being captivated by all the colors and movements and sounds.
This is the view from my recliner.
My little fountain provides another gentle melody. It's all enough to lull one into a quite state of bliss!
Some nights I take my camera out and sit patiently with the long lens ready to capture any passing birds. Last night, I was lucky to get the hummingbird although the light was fading.
Their wing speed and strength amaze me. They were flying to this feeder on the day of  Hurricane Arthur when no other birds were around. The way they squeak and chase each other around the yard is amusing.
The goldfinches also have a funny squeak and chase each other. Who needs TV?
The night before, a chickadee came to the top bowl of the fountain and sipped leisurely. I was hoping for its return but no luck. I have even gotten pictures of them splashing in it.
My clematis continues to open. I love this little vignette that can be viewed from my kitchen window.
The more the clematis grows, the more the mask seems to be a part of the tree.
After a little outing this morning, I came into my sewing studio, cut the binding and sewed it on my cosmos piece. It is simply pressed back right now. I will save the hand sewing to be done during my stint at the shop  on Thursday.
At lunch time, I finished up another small seashell study. It was challenging. I will be doing more of this one.

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Susan Barker said...

A peaceful yard has been one of the great satisfactions of my life, so I know exactly where your thoughts are when talking about it! My yard gets dozens of chick-a-dees all year round, but little else, so I enjoy them all the more!

Donna Cutler said...

I love your fountain. It fits in so nicely. Also really love the goldfinches. We have more this year than ever here (just outside of Saskatoon). Our finch feeders look like fuzzy little yellow things as 6 or 8 try to fit on all at the same time. As for the mosquitoes tho, if you're feeling like you'd like more, I'd happily send you as many as I can. We still have so many that going outside without gale-force winds is almost out of the question right now. Hopefully, the heat we're having now will eliminate a few (thousand).

Lorette Cole said...

The beauty that surrounds you is reflected in your writing and your artwork! It sounds peaceful and blissfully rewarding to sit there and just listen to nature, the birds, water... love your shell study!

What Comes Next? said...

sounds like the perfect way to end your day!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

great pictures Holly...what a shot of that hummingbird!!
Your piece is gorgeous

Regina said...

Thank you for the lovely pictures of your garden and visitors, and your Cosmos is incredible!