Friday, July 11, 2014

My Thursday and Friday sketches

I had to be out this morning for an errand and for physio, but I did take a few minutes with my tea at breakfast to do a couple of little studies. It's becoming a habit! A good one.

Last night, after my walk, I watered all my potted plants with the water from the rain barrel (we could use two), and I gathered a bouquet of wildflowers and greenery. I don't have many flowers this year due to the deck expansion. It's a good thing I love just about any green thing-- and even the seed heads!

I might as well show you my little sketch from yesterday too. As you can see, they're not big, nor are they complicated. Sometimes, it's just what one needs to focus the mind and relax at the same time.
The only drawback according to my DH is the junk(again according to him, ha) I keep bringing in to the table. I do try to contain it a bit. All in all, he is pretty patient. Probably more so than I would be, were it reversed.

Happy Friday! I hope you all can find a little time in your day for your own particular creativity.
Right now, I'm going to make my favourite corn and black bean salad. I get a bit creative in the kitchen too. Do you?


imquilternity said...

You have so much talent. I've always been impressed by those who can draw. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

You always have something interesting Holly...very nice!

Urban Rustic said...

lovely little sketches!