Monday, July 14, 2014

The beach

We had a sunny, hot and muggy weekend, so we spent much of it at the beach. I was there twice on Saturday. The second trip wasn't planned but I was so hot after 9 holes of golf, even with a cart, that we decided to change and head down for a swim. This was around 7PM and the water was beautiful!

We didn't even stop for supper, grabbing snacks on our way.
On Sunday, we had our usual leisurely breakfast with the paper, the crossword, and some sketching, before heading out to the yard for a couple of chores. Again it was another hot, muggy day and we didn't last long, heading to the beach after lunch.

Despite a darkening sky and some warm rain, we took the kayaks out for a little paddle. Unable to get into mine due to my knee injury, I used my sister in law's sit on top. The rain stopped, we had a nice swim afterwards and then I got out my camera. I took lots of pics of the beach and close ups of some of the grasses that grow along the sand's edge.

Then one of the little song sparrows came to the metal bar on one of the poles. It was a very funny performance as he seemed to be soaking wet, likely having bathed in the next door foot pan and he went through all sorts of antics to preen himself/herself. It almost fell off the bar during this maneuver!

Here he is looking smooth before the bath.

In my own yard, I took pictures of the first blooms on the clematis that is growing up the apple tree.

Monday is often a bit of a slow day for me depending on how much I did on the weekend. (I was busy) And, I usually catch up with a bit of cleaning and washing clothes which is what I did today.
I managed 1 small study of a small interesting twig that I picked up at the golf course on Saturday.

The collection of odd bits on my table is growing. Just to make it look a little neater for hubby, there is actually foam core board and another layer of 'stuff' underneath the paper towel.

It's been a quiet kind of Monday, and despite fatigue, I've managed to accomplish a few small things. I hope yours is going well!

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