Monday, June 30, 2014

Cosmos, a mug rug, beach stones

Some of you, my readers, must be tired of seeing this piece, but it is the way I work, in fits and starts here and there, especially when my husband is off and we've got a stretch of impossibly hot sunny days!
Yesterday I was at the beach again. I took a few more pictures but it was so warm, and the water so calm, clear and refreshing, that I spent most of the afternoon in the water.
I took this picture just in front of my in laws. The stone colors are so beautiful together.

I wanted to do a sketch of the wild peas that abound in front if their beach home so I took a few photos. Look how the sunlight is practically glowing through those few leaves!

This afternoon it was too hot to venture anywhere. We were both out this morning, Gord to golf, me to do a couple of errands and we decided that was it. He retreated to the basement rec room while I went to sew.
I sewed the binding on a mug rug that I will take to the shop on Wednesday. I'll hand stitch it back while I'm there.

Then while the machine was set on straight stitch, I quilted along the straight borders of the cosmos piece.

After switching back to free motion quilting, I decided to keep going, stitching a around the top half and stitching down a 'bubble' of Angelina fibre.

I don't like too much bling but a little sparkle here and there catches the eye. The Angelina fibre bubble seems to find its way into a lot of my pieces.
At that point I left it needle down on the machine to write this and then mix up a coleslaw to go with supper.
As I wrote before, I totally changed the direction on the borders and I'm quite happy with it now.

What remains, is to finish up the quilting and add a few hand embellishments, some beading and maybe the odd hand stitch here and there.


Wendy said...

Oh Holly this border is so much more complimentary to your flowers. The others seemed to overpower while this. Is soft and very pretty. Love it. So funny you should comment on how pretty the rocks are because you never seem to work in this pallet opting more for the vibrant colours.
33 degrees here today..a real scorcher!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I like your new border choices.

Mystic Quilter said...

What a lovely border fabric for Cosmos, is it a batik?

sdBev said...

Oh I see. The wide outer border softens the inner border and both then bring the eye to the cosmos. Very nice.