Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend visiting my daughter in PEI

I've come through a very challenging few months health wise and I learned this weekend that there is light at the end of the tunnel.i went to visit my daughter who has just begun her BEd at UPEI.
On Friday night she took me to the opening of an Art gallery/restaurant/furniture and clothing store called The Dunes. It was crowded, very artsy, people dressed in lots of funky clothes, and they were circulating wine and finger foods.
The couple summers on the island and winters in Polynesia. There are many things from there in the shop besides a gallery of local artists.
The gardens really took my breath way. I hardly knew where to look.

The living quarters are in this section and was open to the public for this night only.

This is their view.

Those are infinity pools which run all across the front and can be seen from the second floor living area.

I recommend a visit if you're on the island.

As it was overcast Caley took me shopping on Saturday and we ate lunch at my sisters new cafe called the Thoughtful Squash, located in Mount Stewart. Caley had a burger from local beef and I had squash soup with a side of root vegetable chips. All homemade and yummy.
After a nice walk on the Charlottetown promenade and lunch with my mom and her husband, I left for home.
This was the view that I met when I arrived.

Not anything like the fantastic gardens at the Dunes, but still it is my little piece of Heaven and much appreciated. Today the blossoms are falling like snow. I arrived tthe perfect time.
Fleeting beauty that must be savoured in the moment.

I purchased this pretty batik yoga mat from the Dunes. Perfect for meditation and some yoga moves. It sure looks pretty in my living room too.
I finished my day today with a fresh corn and black bean salad and homemade iced tea. I steeped some loose green tea, chilled it, added a fresh squeeze of lime and a dash of honey.
Compared to a few short weeks ago, I'm feeling so much more optimistic. My neuropathy is manageable. I'm so excited to get to some projects, I don't know what to do first!
Shortly I'm going out to do some gardening. I'm looking forward to getting to some sewing and painting, but it will have to wait for a rainy day.


Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Don’t you love the Dunes? That was part of my old stomping grounds back in my weaving days. The boys sure had some great parties there! I have one of Peter’s earlier pottery lamps in my bedroom and though it cost me a pretty penny at the time, I am glad I bought it - it has beautiful carved irises all up the base.Glorious! Happy to hear you are feeling more ambitious and able to enjoy the great weather we are finally getting!

Jo Vandermey said...

Inspirational to look at your pictures.
I loved PEI when we visited with the kids. It is on my husbands and my list to visit without the kids....
I know what it is like to have a disorder that can knock you out for awhile. Rest and relaxation always helps to get back to a level where I can work again.
Thanks for sharing your getaway.